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Sun power is one of the most affordable and sustainable ways to generate electricity. To protect the environment, look for solar panels that also offer you a tax credit or rebate as well as third party insurance. AffordableSolarHartfordCT ensures low rates by outfitting everything with their 3rd Party Product Warranty ̶ ensuring your solar panel panels will be covered in case anything happens! Our solar panels are the best on the market, and we offer some of the finest Hartford CT solar panels you can find. Solar power is all about efficiency, so our superior components will keep generating savings for years to come! If you're in search of Affordable Hartford CT Solar ideas, look no further than Southwick's Electric Company. Request your consultation today!

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Let's face it, we live in a world that is gradually running out of oil and we need to develop renewable electricity sources. The best resource we have at this point for solar energy harnessing is the sun! We only use about 7% of its total power, so imagine what could happen if we were able to utilize the rest. With the latest developments in efficiency (2020+), these panels will produce more than 10 watts per square foot which would make them one of the most efficient panels on the market. Plus most property-owner specific programs offer an average rebate up to $5K and save homeowners money off their 120% federal tax credits for purchases and installation that can be claimed as expenses until 2022 making it even easier - not just effective

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The sun's energy is available to provide heat and light for Hartford CT residents, all year round. Switching to solar power helps counter these changes by lowering your greenhouse gas emissions as well as lowering your electricity bills. Affordable Solar Solar gives away free quotes and does everything from design to installation of high-quality solar panels.
Finding an affordable solar company in any part of the country can be a challenge, but it is possible - and you don't have to look far for options! Our products meet all of your needs with world-class energy savings and cost-effective installation packages. If you're living without good lighting and A/C, our service is worth every penny: we help homes get back on their feet by giving them reliable electricity when they need it most!

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These  photovoltaic solar panels are the best way to green your  home  or start generating green energy. They cost less than most other comparable systems, and they last about 30 years! You can even  save more by choosing a community fundraiser installation. And you never have to worry about not enough sunlight because no electricity is generated while there's just daylight available. Visiting your local solar service provider can be a little overwhelming. There's so many options, so many companies to choose from, and it doesn't help that everyone is trying to sell you their product or service. But never fear! Affordable Solar Hartford CT has been helping residential homeowners live more sustainably since 2012. We're not here just to get a sale- we care about the long term health of our customers and environment too! Our mission statement is "saving electricity while reducing cost." So if you want an affordable solution for going green that won't break the bank balance, then give us a call today

Highest wattage solar panel

Have you ever wanted to live off the grid, but didn't because it was too expensive? Well today is your lucky day! You can finally start living in style with this high quality solar panel kit. Outperforming its competitors in every way, the Affordable Solar Hartford CT kit boasts an incredible 1,671 watts of peak power; generates enough electricity to reach up to 120 kWh per day (with average sunlight); and requires no batteries or other type of storage. Low maintenance costs make sure that you continue saving money after installation for years after! What are you waiting for? Get started now--the sun's out there waiting for you

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Growing up, we always had a fear of future planetary changes that could shake up everything we know. With Hurricane Sandy, it seems like those fears are coming true much sooner than anticipated. Now is a perfect time to grab a solar roof for your house in Connecticut! We offer all of the benefits you need at great prices. Not only will these roofs look fabulous on your home, but they'll help regulate temperatures more efficiently while providing power back to your home during storms! These homes also qualify for government-assisted discounts depending on income levels, which helps put this within reach for anyone who wants peace of mind when unpredictable weather comes calling again (or even more often!).